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Slow Myopia Progression and
See Clearly With Overnight Contacts

Ortho-K: a scientifically-proven, safe and effective myopia treatment

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Did You Know That Myopia Is Skyrocketing in the US & Canada?


50% of the global population is expected to be myopic by ​​2050.

Not only does it cause nearsightedness and makes it harder to see far away objects, but myopia is also associated with other conditions, such as:

  • Retinal atrophy
  • Macular degeneration
  • Higher risk of glaucoma
  • Greater likelihood of retinal detachment
  • Lattice degeneration

That’s why it is critical to do something about your myopia right away!

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How Orthokeratology Slows Myopia Progression

Imagine waking up every morning with clear and sharp vision. Thanks to these specialty lenses, you don’t have to wear glasses or contacts during the day, and best of all — it’s surgery-free.

Ortho-K slows or halts eye elongation in children and teens, which radically reduces the risk of myopia progression.

Children and adults with myopia can use Ortho-K lenses to reshape the cornea. Simply insert at night before going to bed and remove them in the morning to see clearly.


Here's How Ortho-K Works

1 Worn While You Sleep

Insert custom-designed these gas permeable lenses at night before going to bed

2 Changes the Shape of the Cornea

These lenses reshape the cornea overnight and halt the elongation of the eyeball overtime

3 Enjoy Clear Vision the Next Day

Remove the lenses in the morning and see clearly during the day, without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

4 Slows Myopia Progression

Ortho-K slows myopia progression in children as young as 8, thus lowering the risk of macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal detachment later in life.

What to Expect At Your Free Ortho-K Consultation

  1. Expert Consultation
    Talk to a professional who will answer your questions about Ortho-K lenses. Our talented and caring optometrists are trained to work with children and adults and can address any questions or concerns prior to the eye exam.
  2. Ortho-K Eye Exam
    We’ll discuss your family history and other factors and perform a thorough eye exam to detect myopia and other vision problems you may have.
  3. Results & Treatment Plan
    We will inform you of your eye exam results, risk factors, and expected Ortho-K outcomes. We will also outline a customized Ortho-K plan if you wish to proceed with the treatment.
Dr. Bryan Clarke, O.D., A.B.O.

Dr. Bryan Clarke, O.D., A.B.O.

Dr. Bryan Clarke Born and raised in Kissimmee and completed his bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2002. He attended The Ohio State University College of Optometry in Columbus, receiving his doctorate in 2007. In his spare time he enjoys doing yoga, golfing, painting and spending time with wife and three...

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Seashore Optical

Compassionate Care and Expertise You Can Trust

Seashore Optical was founded by XX, whose valued expertise and passion for eye care inspire successful patient care. We make the patient the first priority and offer high-quality services, such as diagnostic and yearly eye exams, as well as proven eye treatments designed specifically for each patient’s needs. Our main area of focus is myopia care and treatments to slow myopia progression in children.


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medical-plus medical-plus Who Should Use Ortho-K?

Most people with mild to moderate myopia, with mild astigmatism and some cases of presbyopia are good candidates for Ortho-K. Children over the age of 8 and young adults who want to be free of glasses and contacts but who are not not good candidates for refractive surgery due to age or other reasons (i.e. severe dry eyes, high costs, health risks) often are good candidates. Those who lead active lifestyles and who participate in contact sports also benefit from Ortho-K.

medical-plus medical-plus Can I Use Ortho-K Lenses If I Have Astigmatism?

Our practice has seen fantastic results in patients with mild astigmatism, but high astigmatism is normally more complex in the design and fit. We can design a mold for your specific cornea, but it will depend on the individual case. An in-person consultation and eye evaluation will allow us to better determine whether it's feasible.

medical-plus medical-plus How Effective is Ortho-K in Slowing Myopia Progression and Improving Eyesight?

Our patients consistently report improved vision after using Ortho-K. Some patients can experience perfect vision after a day or two of overnight Ortho-K. But higher prescriptions can take 2 or more weeks for maximum correction.

medical-plus medical-plus Can I Use Ortho-K Lenses If I Have Dry Eye Syndrome?

Ortho-K lenses don't aggravate dry eyes, since tear evaporation, a main cause of dry eye, doesn't occur when the eyes are closed during sleep. However, those with severe dry eyes may apply artificial tears or other drops prior to inserting Ortho-K lenses at night. Dry eyes resulting from arthritis or collagen-vascular disease may interfere with this treatment, but this can be determined during the eye doctor's assessment.

medical-plus medical-plus How Long Does Ortho-K Take to Improve Vision

Initial improvements are seen within 1-2 days, but for high prescriptions the full visual improvement can take 1-2 weeks. Keep in mind that the refractive state regresses to pretreatment levels once the lens is no longer worn.

medical-plus medical-plus Does Ortho-K Hurt?

Ortho-K lenses do not hurt and should not hurt. Certain people may feel a slight foreign body sensation, but with time, the eyes become desensitised to the lenses.

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